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Obstetric Services

General Obstetrical Care:

A healthy pregnancy starts with planning and preparing for the expected and the unexpected. At County Obstetrics & Gynecology, we want to provide you with the information you need to help make decisions that are right for you and your family. Your first obstetrical visit here will include meeting with Kim Santagata; she is the Patient Educator for our practice. Her primary role is to meet all of our Obstetrical patients as soon as they find out they are pregnant. She provides information on nutrition, prenatal vitamins and information about many of the tests that will be offered during various stages of pregnancy. She also provides information and resources for childbirth classes, hospital tours and other options for the expectant mother. The visit with the patient educator is a required visit for all pregnant patients and is provided at no-charge.

After meeting with Kim, you will eventually meet all of our providers here at County. At each prenatal office visit, we will perform routine screenings including weight, urine testing, blood pressure, measurement of the uterus to check for fetal growth, fetal heart beat and the mother will be examined to address any problems or concerns she may be having. Certain tests will be performed throughout pregnancy; some of these tests are routine while others may require review of your history to determine if there are any genetic conditions that could be passed on to the baby.

High-Risk Obstetrical Care:

Every pregnancy can have risks. Pregnancies are considered to be “high risk” when complications arise, either due to the mother or the baby. If your pregnancy is high risk more careful monitoring and observation is required. Our physicians have the resources available to manage high risk pregnancies.


Although some couples may have difficulty becoming pregnant you should not be concerned about infertility unless you and your partner have tried to conceive for at least one year with well-timed, unprotected regular intercourse. If you have followed this route without success, you then may want to seek help. You’ll want to seek help sooner than one year if, as a female, you have a history of pelvic inflammatory disease or other sexually transmitted infections, if your cycle is irregular, absent or painful or if you have previously miscarried. Other reasons to seek help sooner would be if your male partner has a low sperm count, has had sexually transmitted diseases, prostate infections or reversal of surgical sterilization. Call our office to schedule an appointment. Our physicians will discuss the possibility of seeing a fertility specialist.

In Office Sonography:

Our sonographers here are County Obstetrics & Gynecology are board certified, highly-skilled professionals who use specialized equipment to create images of your baby from the very beginning to the end of your pregnancy. Our sonographers have extensive training and years of experience. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care for women.


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