National Midwifery Week at County Ob/Gyn

National Midwifery Week at County Ob/Gyn

It is National Midwifery Week which means it is time to recognize the astounding contributions that midwives make to the world. Here at County Ob we have four full-time certified nurse midwives ready to help you navigate pregnancy, labor, birth, as well as your gynecological health needs. Learn all about midwifery care below from our very own Michelle Plyler, MSN, CNM.

Michelle, why is National Midwifery week important?

“National midwifery week gives us as midwives a chance to educate people about midwifery. A lot of people have the misconception that midwives only take care of pregnant women, or just deliver babies. While we do provide obstetrical care during pregnancy and delivery, we also provide gynecological care. Midwifery week gives us the chance to shine the light on what midwives do so people can get a better understanding.”


What is the role of a midwife?

“The word midwife means ‘with women’ and for me, that is what a midwife does. We are with women when they are in labor, as we are giving them support, but we are with women during other times in their lives as well. For someone coming to their first visit, it is so important to build trust and relationships. This can allow them to have a more positive view of their gynecological care instead of it being something that is overwhelming. We are with women all throughout their lives. We see women who are post-menopausal and we can definitely help them identify with their symptoms. For me, it is about listening to women and giving them a chance to have their voices heard.”


What does midwifery care look like at County Ob?

“Midwifery care at County Ob has two parts: at the office and at the hospital. In the office, we are functioning independently. There are many times of course where we might consult or collaborate with the doctor. If someone needs surgery, that would require referring them over to the doctor at that point. In the hospital, the doctor and the midwife work together as a team. At the hospital, the midwife is the person the patient is frequently interacting with. We are giving the doctor updates as things go along. Many times things go normal and fine and perfect, but sometimes things don’t. If things are becoming abnormal, the doctor becomes more involved.”


What are your favorite parts about being a midwife, Michelle?

“One of my favorite parts is delivering babies. I love it, it’s in my blood, and it’s who I am. It is such an amazing thing to be a part of. For most people, this is one of the most important days of their life. I get to be a part of that which is such an overwhelming honor. Another aspect that has become very important to me is taking care of young women, especially teenagers and women in their early 20s. I always try to make them feel comfortable and heard. I try to help them have a good experience and getting to be a part of that is something I greatly enjoy.”

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